Monday, April 10, 2017

Holy Monday with the Munchkin

Munchkin and I had a good day.
Lit candles, prayers, books, Mary Poppins, dinner,
Bridegroom Matins (plus prayers by icons with candles!)
at night... and then a discussion of
Samson then St Peter and St Paul along with Judas
and the difference between despair and repentance
and all about God's love.
Also discussion of solipsism (really, and not before bed!)
that began with 'I feel like everything is a dream' ... !
and discussion of the Mets, world events (from 9/11 to Syria,
watch this incredible and Christian response), to +Patrick,
to Cleo, miso soup with seaweed, chocolate cake,
baptism anniversaries, and when Mr Husband asked the 
Munchkin if "Aunt Elizabeth was meeting your minimum spec"
and then explained what that meant,
he used the word "awesome" which was really cute.
We saw a dear nearby friend at church
and when I stayed talking with her,
Mr Husband told me later that he told the Munchkin that
"women like to talk a lot"!!! so funny.
I can see the Munckin growing up;
he read some of the morning prayers himself;
when we praying with candles and icons just today
(I had told him it was coming, that he would not always need me),
he prayed for others himself instead of having me do so
after listing who he wanted prayers for.
He's growing up.
I pray that he continues to grow well and be rooted in 
Christ and His Church...
And tomorrow, is the second day of Holy Week,
may God protect us!


2016lillies said...

What a blessed and fruitful day you had with your Munchkin! talking already about the difference about despair and repentence! Trully something I just today made the distinction after hearing a radio programme! At the age of 49!!!!
I'm so proud of him!

elizabeth said...

2016l~ that is so wonderful! I am sure that the Munchkin and myself will both have to remember these lessons again as we go on in life, but it is wonderful that you at age 49 understand this! how many never do! how life-giving it is! how much hope!!! Hope in the mercy and love of Christ! God bless you!!!