Saturday, April 01, 2017

Saturday ~ liturgy with illness, vespers and the lighting of candles

Went to liturgy this morning,
our local church; the choir director ended up
falling towards the end of liturgy and
had to be taken to hospital by ambulance.
It was pretty shocking...we pray that he will be OK!
That was a hard thing. 
So pray for him, please.
I learned that an older lady in Ottawa who I knew then is 
having a serious heart surgery today.
I think it was sudden... so many things, so difficult...
My Husband and I had some good talks today,
I am grateful for this.
We went to vespers and to confession.
It's hard to believe that Holy Week is in one week!
I have my second eye appointment on Monday,
since my right eye started having problems that is.
I am sure, as my eye has not improved, that I will need
a second shot of medicine in my eye.
I wrote about the first shot here.
I am really dreading this and ask your prayers.
I think like many, we are all a bit weary by now.
May God have mercy on us and carry us to His Pascha.


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Prayers for you and for those whom you love xxxx

Sara at Come Away With Me said...

Hello Elizabeth. I've been reading along with your blog but not making comments (no particular reason) . . . Just want to assure you that you and your husband are in my prayers . . . your names are in my prayer journal. I have another friend, an elderly lady, who is also going through those shots in the eye. She found out about her problem the same time as you first mentioned yours here on the blog. It's difficult. I shall be thinking you tomorrow.

Helensmum said...

It's 8.10 pm in the UK but wishing you the very best for your eye appointment tomorrow,
God be with you,
Ann Marie

GretchenJoanna said...

May the Lord uphold you and give you peace, Dear Elizabeth!

karen said...

I will pray for your eyes. I hope you see progress and that the shots are not uncomfortable. Seeing anyone collapse in church is dreadful. We had an elderly man who would drop every Sunday - our priest begged him to stay at home ... This man was hard-core church goer and didn't think of others especially the children!! Of course every time he dropped they had the ambulance come.