Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Holy Wednesday ~ 2017 ~ with reflections and remembering

Mr Husband, myself and the Munchkin went up to Church this morning.
Munchkin spent the day at a wonderful church family who has kids
and came again to the night service with them.
The Munchkin is an only child so I can never say how grateful I am 
that he has this family in his life, to give him "church siblings" and really good friends.
They are a real answer to prayer.
Liturgy this morning was nice; beautiful singing, a sunny warm day,
the beautiful deeply coloured icons.
Mr Husband and I went out for Thai for lunch.
Then we had a much needed nap before returning to another place for
veggie sushi for me and shrimp and garlic sauce for Husband and
then on to the service of Holy Unction.
It's a long service and the kids and parents all came within about 10-20 minutes of each other,
suddenly spilling in, filling the church.
They were so cute! The Munchkin and some of his friends all 
read the book for the service. 
It was just beautiful.
And the Gospel is put over us after the anointing with oil,
it's such a special moment of connection and comfort.
Tomorrow we hope to be at the morning liturgy for the 
Institution of the Lord's Supper,
it's a lovely liturgy.
he was so excited about it ... his Mom told me that he said
to her, when they were off to liturgy, 
"ok, let's rock and roll!' ... cute eh? I took looks of pictures that day...
seeing him come out of the Altar, holding the candle,
doing the was wonderful...
Sometimes life has a special bright happening before
an unexpected great sadness... those who were reading my blog
the day after the Munchkin served for the first time.
This year again the Munchkin has Spring Break...nice that
he can be in church more.... 
he and I had a lot of talks on Monday about death in various forms
(from personal, like +Patrick to global situations, such as 9/11)
and I am glad that he can talk about this when he wants to.
I know enough about children, how they process grief and that
it is best to take one's cues from them about what and when to talk
about such things.  Gentleness is key.  I think it is because I know that,
and because we have known the Munchkin since he was about 5 
(and Mr Husband since before he was born) that he can bring things 
up to talk about when and if he wants. 
Sometimes I feel like my heart will break though...
why do kids have to go through so much hurt? but...
I also know that the Lord loves us more than we can possibly imagine
and He loves the Munchkin more than anyone else.
The Munchkin still loves serving in the Altar and we are 
so excited to have this Holy Week in Church together.
I have special things for his Pascha basket again this 
year and am so glad for that.
You should see our freezer! So full of kulich, cheese pascha and 
chocolate chip cookies!!! 

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