Friday, April 21, 2017

A lovely Bright Thursday Lunch

Christ is Risen!
I had a lovely Bright Thursday lunch with a dear local
friend! It was so nice to be able to be with her
and talk about so many things
and eat such lovely food
and drink out of such pretty cups!
I thank God for such a delightful time! 


Lisa said...

And an English Sheepdog! I remember on My Three Sons, they had a dog like that, and I loved him. :)

Helensmum said...

Your lunch looks most lovely Elizabeth,how restorative for the soul and senses.
Thank you for your prayers regarding my trial,it has been upsetting but I am choosing to take the high road and ignore my neighbour's sad actions.
The Gospel way has all answers to life's conditions and I feel my plan is prudent and sensible like yours and Mr.Husband.
Thank you my online friend,
Ann Marie

elizabeth said...

Lisa, that's so nice!

Ann Marie, it is often best to do it this way! Yes, the Gospel does have all the answers!