Thursday, April 06, 2017

Quickly, more quickly ~ to the Annunciation of the Mother of God

Celebrated Mr Husband's birthday recently. 
Today I made 4 kulichi! 
I bought these 2 blue crocks this week used on amazon!
I just love them!!! 
Note to self: remember to move the rack down to the second to bottom,
as the tallest breads almost hit the oven's ceiling! 
It's my first time making Kulich and Cheese Pascha.
Finally I feel like I am a full Orthodox woman,
baking her own bread and cheese for her Pascha basket!
I am just so thrilled about that!!! 
I do however appreciate those who gave and 
still give us both... I hope what I can make will one day 
be as good as I have been given!!! 
I hope to make Cheese Pascha (and freeze both!)
on Saturday.
I am making a list of all I need to remember to do and prepare,
esp. as our Munchkin comes soon, DV! :)
It begins what will DV be one to two services/day for the next week,
through Pascha/Easter Sunday!
May the Lord so preserve us!!! 


Tracy said...

So much fun to see all the preparations and deliciousness, Elizabeth!:) An such lovely celebration for your Husband. How sweet are those molds, and especially the cheese mold! I'm making bread for Easter, and have been looking for cheese recipe as I'd like to add cheese to the table this year! Have a blessed Feast of the Annunciation today and Holy Week! ((HUGS))

karen said...

happy birthday to your husband!!

2016lillies said...

Hello Elizabeth and many thanks for your encouraging comments some time ago. Happy Birthday for your husband and may God keep you both happy and healthy. Here in Greece we also move fast to Palm Sunday tomorrow and Holy Week. I can't wait.
Your cheese breads look delicious. So much to do and feel during the coming week. Keep strong!

Paula said...

Happy Birthday to Mr. Husband!

Easter is sneaking up on my this year.

2016lillies said...

I just found the rest of your thoughtful comments. You see I never thought I had any so I never checked. Thank you so much,it means so much to me!