Sunday, April 09, 2017

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday was beautiful.
My Munchkin is here now!
This afternoon Mr Husband helped clean up our home,
before the Munchkin came.
Today is also the anniversary of my Husband's 
+adult godson's falling asleep in the Lord,
so Munchkin (his son) and I did lots of prayers for his 
+father at various icons at church when we lit 
candles together.
The Bishop was there and gave a really great talk,
including how at death Christ is right there, 
ready to carry one's soul to heaven.
He spoke a lot about the love of God and of 
these Holy Days.
It was very moving.
Tomorrow the Munchkin and I have many fun
plans! Including watching Mary Poppins!
Of course I have lots of Orthodox books he can read,
and tonight we read a Gospel before bed, normal stuff, right?
But I am glad to give him some fun things too,
life has enough hard in it and some joy and cozy times
are important to build into a child's life.
DV we will go to Bride Groom Matins again at night,
and light more candles together!
I am so relieved that the house is clean and that the
baking is all done.
Now I ask that God will help us honour 
and live Holy Week... 


2016lillies said...

Munchkin is so blessed to have you and Husband in his life which has been difficult from such a young age.The loving relation you are having with him is surely rare and special. How inspiring those talks are!!! Really they inspire and strenghthen us, so full of a kind of wisdom that comes from long ago but still so true! I wish that you also have a meaningful,sacred Holly Week. I feel so happy we finally made a connection,looking forward to your posts!

Tracy said...

Such BEAUTIFUL photos you're sharing these days, Elizabeth... such stunning light! A special relationship you have with your Munchkin, and especially after all he has been through, and you too. It is special gift to be a god-parent. :) Wishing you much fun this week in between the blessings of Holy Week ((HUGS))

Paula said...

Have so much fun with your Munchkin. It will be good for him too. Your church is always so beautiful.

Jennifer Hays said...

How nice to have a child around during this season. I am sure he knows how much you love him and he will always appreciate how much you've done for him. I wish you a blessed week!

Pom Pom said...

You are so sweet to your munchkin. So sweet.

Lisa said...

How nice for you to have this young guest! And good for him, too. A blessed Holy Week to you, Elizabeth! (it's funny that it's the same for us)