Saturday, April 22, 2017

Bright Friday, Bright Saturday

Bright Friday,
we had dear friends over; I made the lamb dish;
I doubled the lamb (2 lbs), did 1.5x rice and 1.5 lentils,
1 cup more water with beef bullion, 2 tsp cumin, 
doubled onion and garlic. 
I did not need to remove any extra fat this time, but
I did it in the Dutch oven... anyway, it was not at all 
greasy and was so delicious!!!
One of the few Fridays of the year that we eat meat,
so it was an extra special meal! 
And so nice to spend time with these 2 friends,
esp. as they are leaving soon for the West Coast.
We had left overs today +
tonight, realizing that we needed something different than
lamb+lentils tonight, I picked up some
Chicken Soup (homemade) from the local grocers,
added 1 cup+ broth, toasted two pita breads,
and made 2 small pots of tea!
It was a rainy cold April day today and this meal
was just right.  
I was so happy about that!
Husband is having a hard time with all the allergies,
it's impacting his breathing but we are monitoring this 
closely so that it will not get out of hand.
I am so glad that we get to pray and sing 
Christ is Risen!!! for the next while, until
Ascension Day!
Christ is Risen!!!
Truly, He is Risen!!! 


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

He is Risen indeed!
What lovely Bright Week photo albums you have shared with us :-)

Lisa said...

And Happy Easter to Cleo, too. :) I hope your husband's allergies stay within the boundaries of good behavior. ;-)

Lilly's Mom said...

Christ is Risen! Such lovely photos and special times you shared with us. But, I must say I love that photo of Cleo balancing on top of the chair! She's adorable. Blessings to you this wonderful Sunday. Pat xx

karen said...

Happy Easter and allergies are crazy this year in certain parts of the US. I went to pitts and had more allergies!!