Thursday, April 27, 2017

A beautiful Bridal Shower, the Holy Fire and thanksgiving

Busy days to catch you up on!
I went to a beautiful bridal shower this past Sunday.
It was just love lovely and I just loved seeing the beautiful
gifts the Bride-to-be chose for her new home
and was given by those who love her!
I still get so excited about these events, even more
since I had them myself 5 years ago!
The Holy Fire came to the States this year
and I and many others in NJ have it burning in our homes.
Such an unexpected blessing!
I am still loving Cleo and loving our library.
Cleo's lost a bit of weight lately, so hoping she is OK.
She's 14, nearing 15 now.
Even though we have a lot of struggles in this life,
I am finding that there is still so much to take joy in
and be thankful for; and if one does these things,
then days still have gladness even 
when things are not fully smooth sailing.
I love the stories of how Christ calms the water 
different times in the Gospel;
He knew all things and in the storm, there was He 
sleeping.  I must work on remembering this,
and seeing things with the peace that Christ had
and offers to us.
Christ is Risen!
Truly He is Risen!


Lisa said...

What do you mean, the Holy Fire, Elizabeth? I recently saw a video on youtube about a holy fire in Jerusalem, and never heard of it before.

elizabeth said...

Lisa, yes, the Holy Fire comes down every Pascha at Christ's Tomb when the Patriarch of Jerusalem goes into the church of the Sepulchre alone, checked before for matches etc. It was brought here this year and many Orthodox Christians have it in our homes. is a good source about it.

GretchenJoanna said...

Thank you for the link!
Christ is risen!

Tracy said...

So good to see you back here, Elizabeth! Oooo...such BEAUTIFUL food at the bridal shower! What a JOY and Blessing and honor the Holy Fire in your home! :) Your library is love and well organized, and you have sooo many beautiful Icons. Sweet Cleo.. :) It is quite normal of cats to lost weight as they age, but we must be careful to watch they don't lose too much--a tricky thing. ((HUGS))

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

What a blessing to have the Holy Fire!

Continued Paschal joy to you all, and special hugs to darling Cleo.

Martha said...

Christ is Risen! The Holy Fire is here in Cincinnati now. Cleo is such a pretty kitty.