Monday, May 01, 2017

Upswing, downswing, NYC we sing

Busy days, I keep meaning to post,
but life keeps going, going, going...
I am reading R. D.'s book on Dante
after many tries to begin it, it finally is sticking; 
basically just the right time to read it.
I hope to write more in the future, though it may be a while,
at the rate I am going.
I love reading and am glad to have this one at this exact time.
I was in NYC.
Went to my eye doc.
Eye OK for now!
It was a really nice day today.
I wrote an essay in a journal that I got at Michael's,
the journal and markers I got there today,
went to Trader Joes, had lunch at one of my 
fave NYC diners.
A long-time friend is coming to NYC and I hope to see
her later this week.
I am grateful for this day.


Tracy said...

VERY glad your eye appointment went well, and that your eye is doing OK--prayers answered! :) Have a wonderful visit with your friend later this week...enjoy these days! ((HUGS))

Paula said...

So glad your appointment went well. I've been wondering when it was.

Ella has grand plans for a trip to NYC when she's older. I told her she has to take me too :) We want to hit up all the museums.

Martha said...

Good news about your eye...
That's a fun photo, so much keeping you busy!

karen said...

so happy your eye is a okay! I love NYC so very much, the energy and the vibe is like nothing else I've experienced.