Monday, May 22, 2017

13th day of broken ankle....

We had some fun putting Cleo in
Fietsje's basket today ;)
So, today had some real ups and downs.
Downs first:
I had another opps and lost my balance and stepped on my
casted foot for the second time.
the area where the break is did not get hurt, that I can tell thus far.
It did jar the foot however.
That was so discouraging/frustrating.
This whole I can't walk thing gets old fast and my Husband and I 
are both weary from it.
I have been struggling with more crankiness at the whole situation...
The ups:
Finally, at the end of the day, after 6:30, we got a call that
I should be getting some help soon.
I ordered some more books on Miss Buncle.
I am reading a fun vintage Tom Swift from 1910.
On a totally different type of read, I finally began the huge
biography on Fr Seraphim Rose.
It's well written, readable and very accessible.  I must say, 
if anyone in Orthodoxy has surprised me on how 
approachable his letters and thus far his biography,
it's Fr. Seraphim Rose.
He withdrew from the world in such a hard core way
and I used to find his very name to be something I, well,
kinda ran from to be honest - I knew some 
people who seemed super zealous Orthodox converts
when I was a very new Orthodox Christian and 
my experience of them got mixed up with my perception of
Fr Seraphim Rose, which I am more than happy to say
I was very very wrong about. 
The first pages of his biography go into his early childhood in California
and then his years in high school and college and 
how much of a loner, really, he was, while he had a always a group of 
friends, he had very very few he felt he connected with 
and he felt life was so futile because he was seeking so much
for something MORE in life, really, looking for the 
fullness of life in Christ, that he eventually found and in a way
deeper and more profound than I feel I have the hope of 
personally finding, though I have been told that I should not have
such despairing thoughts about myself, 
which rather surprised me, but it was a very trustworthy Nun who told me this
and so I have not forgotten. 
Anyway, it's over 1000 pages and I am on page 42. 
I think I have a book that I can really chew on while I 
convalesce and well, that's really exciting! 
Esp. since I was so wrong about him...I really should write an essay 
about this someday, if God so allows.
I also got to talk with my Mom and Aunt J. today
and well, my foot is feeling better from my earlier 'opps' 
and I ordered something that I hope will help 
with the itching.
And I am able to get up more and more by myself
and am in general progressing, though not without out
Also, this card from my Grandma...
isn't it just so perfect?


Rachel said...

I'm so sorry about your injury, it sounds so painful.:( I'm glad you'll be getting help and hope you continue feeling better. Sending prayers.<3

shoreacres said...

Ah -- I knew you were dealing with some kind of injury, but wasn't yet sure what it was. Now, I know. An ankle's a hard one. My mother came to visit one January, broke her ankle in two places, and stayed until May! Of course, she broke it in two places, and was about 80 years old at the time, so her healing time was longer than I suspect yours will be.

We learned to take things one day at a time. I hope this day is a good one for you!

karen said...

be careful! move slowly and cautiously. I do feel so sorry for you because I cannot imagine being laid up for that long. I hope you read lots of books and knit and sew lots of things :)

elizabeth said...

Rachel, thanks so very much!

Linda @ S.A. ~ thanks! yesterday was a great day, thank God!

Karen ~ yep, I am being more careful! I did not overdo it yesterday!!! I hope eventually to get back to sewing but not quite yet...