Friday, May 26, 2017

From the last days

Wrote this yesterday:
Christ is Ascended! Ascended in Glory! 
I was not able to be in church (Husband went for us both!) but I was able to watch much of the liturgy today from Holy Transfiguration Monastery and it was lovely, as was the small talk by Mother Christophora where she spoke of this as a restful time of waiting (for the Holy Spirit) and of joy... that Christ as He went into Heaven will one day come back to Earth... and that we are to wait for the day of Pentecost when we will be given the Holy Spirit and clothed from on High in this way.

I watched the wedding I was at again too! :)

From the book on Fr Seraphim Rose...

Made the other day by the lovely lady who helped us
this week!

Husband's vintage 'purell'! and a washcloth I restarted 
as the seed stitch was making it feel too flat and already used up! 
Such a pretty pink!

Well, overall lots of good progress this week.
Full time help DV starting next week Tuesday.
I am reading another lovely book, 
it's delightful!
Husband gave me a full prosphora today,
from the Feast of the Ascension of Christ into Heaven
and that was really nice, with my 'shot glass of Holy Water' :)
I have 4 appointments today for things related to my ankle. 
It was tiring but went well thanks to people's prayers 
and God's mercy.
I still get uncomfortable at times.
Nights are getting a bit harder.
But every night and every day is different and 
I am trying to just be where I am,
with God.
I have read over 100 pages of the Fr Seraphim Rose book,
it's quite good.... 
I did not read any today, as I had so many meetings and such.
I am knitting some.
I got some really nice cards today.

I got cards today from my Aunt K,
My Great Aunt P,
and my Munchkin and his Mom! 
That was really nice!
Mr Husband is putting all of my cards on this shelf for me to see!
The big one that is blue and opens up is from my far away church!
Lots of people signed it! Really cheered me up when I got it 
the other day!
God's been so good to me in this,
I am so thankful for so many prayers.
My Husband is being so valiant, 
making sure I am ok, helping me, doing the
the daily work grind, and so much more...
I am excited for along weekend with Mr Husband!
He has a lot to do tomorrow but at least he will be around,
which is nice.
And I have books to read and movies to watch.
I hope everyone who has a long weekend this weekend
will have a blessed, safe and peaceful one! 

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Anonymous said...

I love DE Stevenson and have enjoyed the Miss Buncle books...also Charlotte Fairlie was very good. I am glad to hear your thoughts on Fr. Seraphim Rose, I had similar misgivings to the ones you described so it is nice to get a fuller picture. Prayers and love.