Saturday, May 20, 2017

Various Points Along the Way

Pictures from the last few days.
I got the perfect basket for all my things
(books, movies, art supplies, stationary, chocolate!, knitting)
to do while I am on bed rest with a cast for 6 weeks....
we are hoping that when I get the boot that it means
I can begin walking, but the doctor did say 3 months,
so that may be some uneducated wishful thinking at this point.
About the 'troublemaker' snickers picture...It's a 
funny thing from the other day...
So.... when I broke my ankle, I was fasting for Holy Communion 
(i.e. I had nothing to eat or drink). 
So by the time I was at urgent care, I was super shaky feeling. I told my Husband I needed chocolate and he got me some. 
It helped, but then I knew I needed something with more substance and quick.
So I asked for a Snickers Bar. It helped. 
I asked Mr Husband to buy me another, he did and it got me through the wedding and reception (before we had food). 
So I kinda ordered a box of 48 of them. !!! From Amazon. 
The outside of the box got goo on it so Mr Husband 
transferred them to the shipping box, showed me the box, 
picked out the bar you see here and told me (in jest) that is what I am: trouble! 😉 
the ludicrous amount of them in the box made me laugh! 😂😄
I got some more fun cards,
wrote some letters with my pretty 
rummage sale find stationary from a few years ago,
This morning I was awake early and I could tell Mr Husband
was really tired... I am getting more confident of myself
on my fietsje (Dutch word for 'little bike", that a dear
social media friend suggested I name my knee scooter when I put out
a call for name ideas)... anyway, I got up this morning
by myself and made myself breakfast
(granola and yogurt) and sat on my white arm chair with 
my leg on the knee part of fietsje! 
Cleo hung out with me and I gave her part of the top of the
yogurt foil seal to lick off, so she was happy too.
I still need to have my foot elevated a lot for healing,
my orthopedic doctor said I need total bed rest,
with my food elevated above my heart,
so I have a lot of pillows in use!
I watched a really sweet movie the other day,
lent to me by my quilting friend,
and I am still thinking of it
and how it showed so many good and fine 
things and such beauty in a tale
of two children being helped while
their Mother is sick in the hospital. 
It's a very noble beautiful film.
The painting I did, as simple as it is, is of a beautiful big
tree with a swing and a boy swinging.
I made it for the Munchkin and hope we get to mail it soon!
About the picture of stationary and the table it is on,
that I wrote about the other day on social media: 
This stationary set was one of my VNA finds from years ago! I am slowly using it up! The backs of the envelopes all sealed shut, so I have to open them by hand but the paper is great and it's cute,so I call it a win! Also, this table is the best! Tilts for writing, reading and computer work but goes upright for eating and painting! ♡
I am feeling really blessed with this table and my basket next to me.
I know things could be so much worse.
I am hoping to find help very soon,
I have some good leads but nothing conclusive yet.
Praying about this very much.
And I am trying to pray for others too,
as they are praying for me...


Gloriade said...

Good Afternoon Elizabeth, Yes, that is quite a box of Snickers bars. I laughed when I saw it. It looks like you are doing a good job of finding creative ways to pass the time. Your "Munchkin" will appreciate the painting I am sure. Looking out your window, it looks like a beautiful spring day. I hope you can feel the warmth of those rays of sunlight as they filter through the window as you rest. Blessings to you and your sweet husband as he cares for you.

elizabeth said...

Hi Gloriade, Thanks for your comment!!! The box of snickers was to make you laugh, so glad to hear it! Yes, I am trying to find good ways to use my time... It's hard sometimes! Yes, I do love the view and esp when it is sunny!!!! :)

Lisa said...

Cleo is going to enjoy this period with you being laid up. She'll be your buddy. :)

elizabeth said...

Lisa, thanks! Cleo is liking it more now that I get to the living room - she's not allowed in the bedroom because of how much she sheds! :) But yes, she loves having us around!!!