Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A quiet day with my quilting friend

My dear quilting friend came over
and kept me company.
I had some pain and then nausea and dizziness from
yet another new pain med so stopped that one too.
I am still working on getting the help we need.
A friend dropped over some food which is a real help
and today we ordered take out for meals,
which was nice.
We watched part of persuasion together and enjoyed some 
yummy chocolate!
It sure takes a lot of energy to heal.
I tire easily with all of this...sitting, healing and more bed rest...
It will only be 3 months before I should be better,
but right now I am at the beginning of it and as Chaim Potok wrote:
all beginnings are hard.


Juliana said...

I'm so sorry things are so hard! (But your Mountain Lake mug makes me smile--it was the first parish my grandfather served after seminary! I think my mom and her older brother were both born there).

Linda P said...

I'm continuing to pray for you. It's tiring to be laid up and feeling unwell. It's difficult when you know that the process of healing will take a long time. My husband has broken both ankles so I know what it's like. Once it was when we were travelling on holiday and the other time it was when he was working (self-employed). We learnt a lot about God's goodness despite the difficulties at the time. God bless you and those who are kindly helping you right now through practical caring, love and prayers.

karen said...

can't you take just ibuprofin at large quantities. I don't take anything that could be addictive because I feel so lousy and nauseous on them.

I take an nsaid prescription, not sure if that would be appropriate for your condition.

elizabeth said...

Juliana, thanks! this is actually from a camp, will email you I hope today!

Linda ~ thanks so very much for your prayers. Yes, I think I too can learn a lot about God's goodness through this!

Karen ~ actually I can't take tons of ib prophen as the inflammation helps heal the broken bone. But I am taking some when I really need it! I had to talk to my Orthopedic doctor about it.

Gloriade said...

So nice that your friend was able to come over to keep you company for an afternoon. I am so sorry that you are having such a hard time getting your pain under control without feeling sick and drained. Long time healing takes much patience. Praying that you feel the warmth of God's presence through the healing hands of your family and friends and the medical people taking care of you. Blessings to you this day Elizabeth.

steph said...

oh, Elizabeth...what a road you have ahead of you!!! Hopefully, soon you will be able to look at this as an opportunity---to slow down, to catch up on reading, to do some of that handiwork that you never had time to do. The proverbial slow-down-and-smell-the-roses!!! (Twenty years ago I had a hip replacement....much slower recoup time then than it is now!!!....and that's when I started knitting again. YOW!!! I haven't stopped knitting since!)
Heal quickly, friend!

elizabeth said...

Gloriade, thanks so very much!!!

Steph, yes! wow! neat about how you began knitting again! that sounds like a long recovery you had too!

T.J. said...

Elizabeth! I came over here to thank you for your kind words regarding my son's Holy Communion and then read all this!!!! Clearly I missed much while tending to the Communion preparations- so sorry to read of your broken ankle. Oh my, what an injury. I will keep you and your family in my thoughts and prayers for a smooth, stress-less recovery. Do you think if I pray to God that it be speedy too he would take it into consideration? ;) May you find grace in each day of recovery xoxoxo TJ

elizabeth said...

Thanks TJ! Yes, please pray! :) ;) <3