Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Briefly here...

Pictures from yesterday...
yesterday as a nice peaceful day, 
I was feeling pretty good, Husband was happy,
I was happy, enjoyed reading a lot of my new Miss Buncle book.
I managed to put the chicken pot pie in the toaster oven, carefully,
this time! :)
My priest came in the morning and gave me Holy Communion and Confessed me also.
That was a HUGE blessing and great way to start the day!!!
Today my quilting friend came today,
she gave me a bag of cotton yarn!
And candied ginger (I still get nausea at times)
and more movies to borrow.
I have a lot of moving parts right now,
different people to help me do various things,
from helping me personally to doing housekeeping things
that I can't really do right now.
My Husband went to vespers tonight and
lit candles for me and 1 for my healing!
I was so glad that he was able to both
go to work and church tonight.
He needs to get out + have encouragement too.
It's been a lot for him to try to help me,
be involved in getting help for me, doing his work,
and the many other things he does.
I think he is doing such a good job,
but it is very taxing for him.
Well, tomorrow is another day.
I hope it is peaceful for us all!


TeresaAngelina said...

so...what did you do? I'm more than a little tardy with blogs...are you okay?

Nancy said...

I'm glad you're getting help. Sending love and prayers!

Lilly's Mom said...

So good to hear that things are coming along to take care of you. Your little kitty is so cute to sit and watch over you! I'd love to send you a little "get well" package. You can email me at patshakerathotmaildotcom. Praying for you, Pat xx

Tracy said...

So very glad your priest was able to visit you, Elizabeth! In such times, extra spiritual support is needed. And yes, your husband needs such help too. So good that you both have so many rallying around you to help and keep up your good cheer. :) Be taking good care... I pray for you daily! ((HUGS))

elizabeth said...

TA ~ I fell off a curb and broke my fiblula bone at the ankle! I am well taken care of, thank God!

Nancy ~ thank you!!!! :))))

Pat ~ oh! that is so kind of you, thank you! I will email you from my roosje blog yahoo email soon!

Tracy ~ yes! indeed! thank you SO VERY much for your prayers!!!