Tuesday, May 02, 2017

One thing for today...

I finished edits on my next essay on St Phanourios! 
Because of the last 5 months of many challenges,
I have not been able to get back to writing.
I don't yet know when the essay will be published,
but I am so thankful that I am one step closer to it, 
God willing!
Husband received some GREAT news at work today.
Big new professional challenges ahead, but we
are trusting in God's mercy for each day.
DV I see a friend this week who I have not seen since
2006 and who I have known since 1996!
Over 20 years!!!
I hope to go to an afternoon tea with her in NYC later
this week!  This will be a super special treat!!!
Would love to hear how you are doing? 
I feel so glad that it is the month of May!
I think it is one of my favourites! 
God bless each one of you!


Helensmamma said...

Hello dear friend!
So thrilled to hear things are so improved-you sound buoyant and happy,I'm so thrilled for you.
My neighbour challenges are gone praise God,mainly through my discernment I should take the high road.So thankful.
England is beautiful in May,balmy weather and lovely plants and trees.I live 500yards from a wood,very fortunate.
I'm also excited for Mr.Husband,new challenges help us feel valued and have add on health benefits if we are absorbed in our work.
Enjoy all your plans,
Warm wishes,
Ann Marie

karen said...

so happy you are meeting a friend and I do so hope that your husband's work changes are for the better!

Pom Pom said...

Yay for your DH! Congrats to him!
I hope you have a wonderfully rich visit with your friend!

elizabeth said...

Thanks Ann Marie, I do hope so! Thank God that things are better with your neighbour! Thanks Karen! We hope so too! thanks Pom Pom!!! I am hoping so!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I am so very pleased you have such lovely news to report!

Gloriade said...

Hello Elizabeth, We have been away from home for these past three months and while I tried to stay connected, we found if to be difficult to do so in many of the places that we stayed. Now that we are back home and connected to the world again I hope to be sharing more of our travels in the near future, as well as begin to pick up the threads of some of my sister bloggers. I hope you had a truly wonderful time visiting with your old friend the other day. Blessings to you.

Nancy said...

Congrats to DH! Great news. Hope all went well with your friend's visit.

Becki said...

So glad your husband has good news about work! I'm enjoying May - even though last week was rainy and windy every day. ;^) It brought much green grass and beautifully blooming flowers. And today is sun-shiny and cool - just perfect.