Monday, May 15, 2017

Made to the wedding and now have real cast on my right foot

I really did know if we would make it to the wedding of
our dear friends!
I had gotten sick a few days ago from a heavy pain med
and mourned any possibility of going;
but I felt a lot better and my Mom encouraged me to
eat well and regain strength and with
some struggles to and from, we made it to both the
wedding and the reception!
I hope to do more on that later, it was so wonderful!!!
Today, with much effort and some struggle, 
I was able to get to the doctor's office and back.
So the very bottom of the filbula bone broke right off.
Here's what I wrote about this earlier:

So, back home. News: I basically broke off the very bottom/ tip of my fibula bone right OFF the rest of the bone, at the ankle. The orthopedic doctor manipulated it to have the broken piece fit back on the rest of the bone. He had no pain killers to give me. I did not scream per say but did 'yelp' a bit. It hurt, I was gripping the bottom of the chair...and sweating from what I was told by my dear valiant Husband was with me the whole time. The two x-rays show the before and after 'reduction' to put the bone back. I have to be on bed rest for 3 weeks with foot elevated really high. I have a cast on. In 3 weeks, depending on the x-ray, I will get another cast for another 3 weeks. After that, I will get a boot on. The doctor said this would take THREE MONTHS to heal. I could of cried hearing that. BUT I got 4 cards in the mail today, I have a gift I have not opened yet that I was given yesterday, my dear quilting friend :) is coming tomorrow so that my Husband can go to work and we are working on getting professional help for me so that Husband does not have to be home daily. And our neighbour let us in and he helped me get back up too, which is one of my problems when I go down to sit on the stairs. Thankful that I have cast on (so much safer) and that I got in today...

 Well, that's all for today.
Please keep my husband also in your prayers as
he is very tired from taking such good care of me!


Pom Pom said...

Oh my goodness. It's so important to keep still and mend. When I broke my wrist I figured if I could move it then that was okay, but then it slipped around and I ultimately had to have surgery to keep everything pinned and in place. I know you'll obey the doctor's orders. You'll get in lots of reading and praying. Take care, Elizabeth!

Tracy said...

Soooo VERY HAPPY that you were able to make it to your friend's wedding after all! But so sorry you've had a lot to deal with, and such pain too. Hoping that now you're in a cast some of the pain will subside. LOTS of prayers coming your way... and for your husband too as he rally's to keep you and things going there. ;) Be resting well, and take good care... ((HUGS))