Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Quickly here

Just a quick note to say we are enjoying Bright Week.
I am doing lots of resting...
it was delightful, on Pascha there were 3 
undergraduate students visiting and I told one,
who was quite exhausted by that point,
that during Bright Week we do smaller prayers
and he commented that after Pascha (i.e. it is many hours long),
one would have to do shorter prayers to recover!
It was so dear of him to say that way!
Anyway, we are recovering here, 
I hope to make a pork roast for Friday,
I've been watching some movies, knitting some,
reading Laurus, cleaning and enjoying our Pascha icons and flowers.
I talked to my Grandma today; 
how I love her.
She said that our direction and plans are 
good, responsible and prudent; my Husband, upon hearing this,
said that prudence is one of the cardinal virtues.
So much to be thankful for, 
I am so grateful!
Christ is Risen!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

He is Risen indeed!
Rest, relax, recuperate and enjoy Bright Week :-)

Tracy said...

Bright Week is good for resting, relaxing and reflecting on the joys of Pascha... We've been doing the same here, too! :) Take care, and enjoy... ((HUGS))

Helensmum said...

Hello Elizabeth,
So glad you are both sounding happy and rested:how much better than a month ago!
I have had an unpleasant Easter- confrontational and aggressive is passing,but has been a strain. I covet your prayers.
Warm wishes
Ann Marie

elizabeth said...

dear Ann Marie, Lord have mercy! I have had this problem before when I lived in Ottawa. So sorry. I do hope this goes away entirely. I find that there can be great temptations to lose one's joy at Easter and this sounds like one of them! May the Lord put all to right again!!! Will light a candle for this....

GretchenJoanna said...

Indeed He is risen!

I have been resting, too, and also catching up on gardening. I made new flower arrangements to replace the ones that were getting old after almost a week, and that feels like a proper Bright Week activity.