Friday, April 14, 2017

Holy Friday

Just one picture this time.
Lamentations Service.
So beautiful.
I love how this light and lilies are hinting at
Pascha to come.
It was a very special day.
One moment was when the choir was singing about
the myrrh with spices anointing the tomb and our priest
was blessing the tomb/church/us with Holy Water
and, for a quick instance, I could smell myrrh and it was
all so deeply beautiful. 
I just love these services, I never get enough of them into 
me but every year I pray that a little more permeates and stays
within me... 
I loved the last Gospel read this evening,
about the Guards being set watch over the tomb,
little did they know that now we are watching for 
PASCHA, for the Lord's Resurrection in that very tomb!!! 
Christ's Tomb becomes the Bridal Chamber and 
is where His Resurrection takes place.
Oh for the Eternal Pascha of Christ to come to us! 

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Jennifer Hays said...

Happy Easter to you and your family!