Saturday, April 08, 2017

Lazarus Saturday, Cheese Pascha making, and Palm Sunday Vespers

My friend Mary's recipe for Cheese Pascha:
The recipe is 2 lbs farmer's cheese, 1 lb cream cheese, 5 hard-boiled egg yolks, 1/2 lb butter, 1 lb sugar (I use less), 1 sm carton of whipping cream (1/2 pint), 1 Tb. flour (I left out), 1 tsp vanilla. I drain mine in a smallish bowl but change it a few times and I don't weight it if it's been frozen. It still seems to drain fine.
We were at liturgy this morning for Lazarus Saturday and 
later vespers for Palm Sunday.
In between lunch, a needed nap, and vespers I made the 
simple version cheese Pascha.
This is the first time I ever made it,
and the first time I used farmers cheese.
I was going to use a more complicated recipe that called for 3lbs 
farmers cheese, so I upped the recipe by .5 for all measurements in this recipe,
with Mr Husband's help! 
Munchkin comes tomorrow.
Please pray that all goes well.
I am getting really excited for Holy Week!


Helensmamma said...

Hello Elizabeth,
I'm thrilled to read of your activities but also your improved strength and health. I was pleased to read of a much needed nap.
How exciting to have a loved child to stay,their insight is so lovely.
My bathroom update-or "sink gate" as my daughter called it-is now complete. God is faithful to is all.
Warm wishes
Ann Marie

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Wishing you joy as the Munchkin arrives for a visit, and many blessings for Holy Week!

elizabeth said...

Ann Marie, Wonderful about the bathroom reno being complete! yay!!! Yes, God is faithful in it all!!! Yes, naps are so vital sometimes!!! I had one today after church too! :)

Elizabeth, thank you so very much!!!

2016lillies said...

I will make cheese Pascha (or something similar we make in Greece,I'm not sure so I wll post photos and you tell me)and also special cookies and I will make red eggs on Holy Thursday as the tradition calls.I hope everything went smoothly with yours.I will make all for the first time so wish me luck!!!

Martha said...

I'm going to make cheese Pascha this week...mmmm!

elizabeth said...

2016l~ nice!!! can't wait to see what you make!!!

Martha - yay, how fun!