Tuesday, April 04, 2017

And quickly it goes....

And it's off to the races...
today I am changing out some linens, getting Pascha baskets out
and beginning to prepare Pascha things.
Our Munchkin is staying with us for the first part of Holy Week.
I don't know how much I will be able to blog until after Pascha....
I have a lot of baking I hope to do, packing, preparing
and Annunciation this Friday, which will begin it all,
with church services nightly and often morning and night for 
the next week through Sunday afternoon of Great and Holy Pascha.
Yesterday Mr Husband got some better news at work;
it's been a real sea-saw type of year and a lot that
has been a challenge to discern.
Our local choir director is still in hospital.
Please pray for him.
My Dad needs prayers for continued healing on his leg,
friends in Ottawa need prayers, so many need prayers!
Lord have mercy on us!!!
I like to have our home ready for Pascha and so
I will be getting out icons, eggs, white linens and making sure 
everything is ready!
We have a grocery list going and excitement is rising!
May we be given a Holy Week that honours God the Holy Trinity,
the Mother of God and all the Saints!
May God carry us to Pascha!!!
Thank you all again for your prayers!!!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Prayers for all your intentions and for your loved ones.

GretchenJoanna said...

God bless you and keep you going! You have a lot to do, for sure. I am just trying to get my house clean and tidy by Pascha, and that little bit is a challenge!

Tracy said...

Hi, Elizabeth! Such fun with your Munchkin to be with you for part of Holy Week! :) How wonderful your coookbooks for Pascha ideas! Aren't these last days so exciting?! I so much enjoy these last days as the heart is heightened, being ready to receive Him in risen joy! And the joy of making our homes ready for the joy. It is such a great time! These days I'm trying to finish spring clean that began weeks ago, but some things fallen to the wayside as life happens, you know. But most will be ready in time, I think. We are having husband's parents over for Easter lunch, so a quiet gathering of 4 this year. Still deciding on main meal/menu for here, but I want to make Easter Bread and natural-dye some eggs at least. God Bless you & your husband, and all of yours... prayers for all in need. :) Wishing you & yours a Blessed Holy Week and Pascha!! ((HUGS))

Rosemary said...

I am starting the Easter preparations now as well! Starting to plan the menu/shopping list this week, and I need to finish up the baskets. Also hoping to finish deep cleaning the house in time for Easter. It is a happy sort of preparation, even while very busy, and I find it helps me to focus on Holy Week.

Helensmamma said...

I can hear the Easter hope in your post Elizabeth! you're working hard and steadily,as is your husband.These challenging times are almost like a forging process,where we emerge stronger-all by God's grace.
How lovely that your precious munchkin will be staying over,they see the church year so clearly.
Warmest wishes
Ann Marie

elizabeth said...

Thank you so much Elizabeth for your prayers!

G-J: yes! lots to do, but only one thing at a time in doing so, right! :)

Tracy: yes! thank you!!! Blessed Holy Week and Easter to you!!!

Rosemary: yes, I agree! joyful focus for Holy Week!

Ann Marie: thank you! yes! I do hope so, by God's mercy!!! Blessed Easter and Holy Week to you!