Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Saint Maybe, Blue Blanket & Other Knits

New Blues for what I think will be a blue
checkered blanket...
Also my grey mink shawl (a little more done) and new white wash cloth
(up top of the picture they are)...
I hope to go a bit of a ways by train soon and will be
bringing the blue yarn to use on the trip!
My husband was talking the other week about how when he was in
grad school he would listen to books read on the radio 
as well as classes.
He's always been a huge nerd that way and it makes
me fall in love with him at the past years in his life,
though I did not know him at the time.
One of the books he listened to was
He told me that it was about a boy
who blurts out his suspicion that his older brother's
new wife is cheating on him. 
It leads to the death of his brother and his brother's new wife
and the boy ends up raising the kids and getting involved
in a fairly fundamentalist, if a bit cooky, church.
I read it the week my husband was away for work
and wow, that first part was hard reading.
But then, I loved it.
The author really loves her characters,
there is a lot of redemption in the book,
a lot of growing in humility, love and mercy.
In other parts of creative life,
yesterday I made a cheesecake
and last week I used a sewing machine for the first time
in at least 28 years.

 My friend whose machine I was using helped a lot
and it felt momentous! :)
I did a fairly strait line!
I hope to get into sewing more after Easter,
as I have a lot of things to do between now and then!
What are you making and reading?
Yarn Along with us!


Anna said...

Those are beautiful blues to beat the winter blues!

Darcel {MahoganyWayMama} said...

Mmm...cheesecake sound yummy! I've never made my own.
Those blue yarns are so vibrant. I want to make a baby blanket for my high school friend who is pregnant with her first child.

Jayne Marti said...

Those are beautiful blues. Look forward to seeing what they become.

Paula said...

Oh, Berocco Vintage is so beautiful to use and wear. And I love the blues. Can't wait to see what you make.

Donna said...

I love those shades of blue. They will make a lovely blanket. I have been baking bread myself. I blame it on the snow.

October Rose said...

Oh those blues are lovely! I can't wait to see what they become. :) Adding that book to my (ever-growing) Goodreads list!

Anonymous said...

I'm looking forward already to seeing how those yarns come together in a blanket. My favorite color, in gorgeous tones. The lovely blues are actually helping me want to go to the yarn shop for some new yarn that will make me eager to knit.

Reinventing Mother said...

Love all the knitting and sewing! Do you have a swift or do you hand wind the yarn?

elizabeth said...

Thank you everyone!!!

Wanda ~ I don't really have room for a swift ~ I hand wind it all!!! Though for the fine stuff I may go the store and ask them too... :))))

I am knitting the first (large!) square now and wound the first one; it did not take that long; I do it over my knees while listening to a book or podcast... :)

karen said...

the book sounds really good! I'll keep my eye out for it. Love the shades of blue in your yarn array :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Those blues are lovely <3

Paula said...

Elizabeth, a swift doesn't take up much space at all. Get one like mine. It sits where ever you want (doesn't need a table) and then folds up for easy storage. If I can fit it in my house it will fit in yours :)

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

An intriguing sounding book, Elizabeth. :) I'll join the rest and say how pretty those blues are! xo Lisa

T.J. said...

I do like Ann Tyler- will have to look into this one! Saw that post above this one and am very glad your hubby is back!

Melissa Marie said...

The blue yarn is so pretty and the colors remind me of the see, my favorite! :) I also like to listen to books on cd too, especially when they do great accents!