Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Simple & White, Kiki & Conversion

It's been busy here with 
the 12 days of Christmas, catching up
around the home and 
having a friend visit.
So only washcloth knitting is being done.
We are watching a fun Japanese film, 
and I've been reading a family friend's book on
why he converted to Catholicism after a life-long vocation 
as a protestant pastor.
I am hoping to get more crafting time too;
I have friends coming to dinner though and it seems that
if I am doing a lot of creating in the kitchen, 
I am not doing as much knitting...
But one thing at a time...
meanwhile my friend is showing me how to sew!
So I am still doing some crafting!!!
What are you reading and making???
Yarn Along with us!


Anonymous said...

Knitting time is the first to go here sadly- but I find myself staying up late to get some time in ;) sewing time (or learning to sew is still very neglected. Someday!

The book looks quite interesting! Have a great rest of your week!

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

Knitted washcloths started my year, too. :) We are Reformed Presbyterians who both grew up Catholic, so I am always intrigued by the stories of those who convert the other way. Would you be willing to share the title?
xo Lisa

MamaBirdEmma said...

Knitting washcloths is so satisfactory... quick and useful! Have a good time with your friend!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Looks a very interesting book; we too are fans of Kiki's Delivery Service :-)

Jazz said...

Love that movie, specially the cat.

Amazing washcloth.

Here's my WIP:

October Rose said...

Kiki's Delivery Service is on our list of movies we want to watch!

Apseed I said...

I hope you had a good experience with sewing!

elizabeth said...

Thanks everyone! your comments have made my day brighter!

Lisa ~ the book is titled Calvinist to Catholic: a Journey Back by Clifford E Bajema. He published it locally in Michigan. It does not seem to be available online. Here is an hour long video though of an interview of the author about his conversion to the Catholic church out of the CRC church and background:

If you would like the book itself I am sure I can arrange it (no offence if you don't of course! we are all quite busy in our lives!) just email me at roosjeblog AT yahoo DOT CA.

The sewing was fun! I hope to get into it more in the future... :))))

The movie was a super fun one!! I wish life was a whimsical and beautiful as the movie!!! :)

Thanks again everyone! :)

Eileen said...

I recently have returned to sewing, sewing many lovely gifts for family. Some days it's hard to decide-sew or knit? Great dilemma to have!

T.J. said...

I've been having to travel back and forth from Vermont to Pennsylvania so much that I have been knitting (since Champ is driving!). A hat for him just came off the needles, and a ribbed hat for Bear is now on. Really enjoyed reading this series :)

Lisa @ HappyinDoleValley said...

Thanks! I'll check out the youtube for now. :) ~Lisa

elizabeth said...

Lisa ~ sounds good! :)

TJ ~ how neat about the knitting! You should do a yarn along too with Ginny :))))

Eileen ~ yes a very nice 'problem!' :)