Monday, January 26, 2015

A dinner with 'out takes' and preparing for a storm

I had dear friends over for dinner last
Thursday night...
I kept looking at the table in puzzlement,
thinking to myself,
all the food is there, but what is missing?

Potato with fried onions and goat cheese,

Salad (brought by friends!), orange juice and honey glazed carrots,

It was not until a few minutes that I realized
that I had wine in the fridge to put out
and I got my answer!
drinking glasses! I forgot them!
And napkins :)
Phew, that explained it all!

It was a lovely meal with such
good friends and gentle, worthy and real conversation. 

There, with glasses. :)
All better...
Well, Cleo and I are preparing for the snow storm we 
are said to be getting.
She's preparing by making daring and funny leaps 
onto furniture...
Actually she did the funniest thing last night, 
too bad I did not get a picture...
Mr. Husband and I were eating a lovely meal of 
the left over ginger lemon chicken, 
with some mashed potatoes (with butter and soup cream!)
and salad and there was Cleo on the
very top of the seat back of our chair by the kitchen island counter
standing as tall as she could looking down at our meal
with great interest, her eyes as wide as can be.
Mr. Husband, knowing her to be a sneaky thief of food,
and now seeing her so blatantly looking,
gently but quickly stomped his foot and she scurried away...
a bit behind my dining chair, still looking!!!
So funny.
Anyway, I am doing lots of wash
at present and am planning on baking bread soon,
making this week's smoothie, 
watching the weather (all window shades are open in my living/dining area!) 
and praying.
I am also planning on getting out our blessed Candle-mas candles that 
are for times of trouble, strife or storm.
I won't use them until the snow really hits...
Meanwhile, I also have to relight many of my lampadas,
but do have some candles faithfully burning meanwhile.
My only request for this storm is two fold:
1. no injuries or death of anyone
2. that power does not go out.
Please join me in prayer for this and for all those who are 
suffering today!


Lisa said...

Your husband averted something which might have been very interesting!

I wish you well in the upcoming blizzard!

Nancy said...

God keep you safe! The storm is heading to Nova Scotia, but it won't be quite as strong. They're still calling for blizzard conditions and possibly hurricane-force winds. Did you stock up on storm chips? I hadn't heard the term until recently. Apparently in Halifax, a key part of storm prep is ensuring a sufficient supply of snack foods. Silly me, I stocked up on batteries instead.

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Stay warm and safe, dear ones! God bless you and keep you.

And giggling over what Cleo had in mind for your chicken.....

Rolando Ramirez said...
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