Friday, January 02, 2015

{Crafting @ Home} ~ All You Need is Some Ribbon...

I find that simple papers, 
such as packing paper or a darker paper that I get books 
sent to me in, works great
with some red ribbon, tape and scissors.
Somehow when I began wrapping this way,
I felt that I was doing a type of wrapping 
that had been done for more than a century... 
and it shows again that beautiful does not have to equal expensive.


Reinventing Mother said...

Great job! I don't but wrapping paper for gifts except at Christmas and then only white from the Dollar store. The rest of the year I prefer bags or a nice box. To me wrapping paper is like throwing $ in the trash!

I will have to remember all the paper in my garage from the Amazon orders:)))

elizabeth said...

Wanda ~ thank you! My more expensive print wrapping paper we open carefully and reuse! But the other papers, as I wrote of, are not as important and recycle nicely. Though even some of those I keep, if they are a durable one. Ribbon really seems to be the trick and that easily saves! :)

karen said...

last Christmas I used brown paper and red ribbons and it looked fabulous!! Love your idea :)