Friday, January 09, 2015

On the first day of Christmas...and the second!

Liturgy on Christmas morning was so beautiful!
I kept saying that 
this was the day I am always waiting for, that and Pascha!

Christ is born! Glorify Him!

It was a lovely time
and we had a Christmas coffee hour after 
with fried chicken, eggs and sausage and goodies!
Mr. Husband in the afternoon did our second annual Christmas day
Trader Joes run (Since our Christmas is in January and thus
stores are open!)...
We also went to a really good running store in Princeton that I had 
been wanting to go to as a good friend had told me of it;
while I am not going to take up hard running, I need to do more serious
walking and needed shoes that would be good for a bit more impact.
The store was excellent and I got exactly the shoes I had been wishing for!
At Trader Joes I was able to stock up on some nice soaps, 
chocolate covered almonds (!!!!),
and for the first time got some steel cut oats and a friend
told me of this recipe that I may try at some time.

On the second day of Christmas Mr. Husband and I had a lovely
Christmas dinner together! 
We used our Christmas dishes for the first time!!

On the first day of Christmas I was given
a lovely serving dish in the Christmas Tree pattern!

I just love it!
We got really good take out for Christmas dinner:
Ginger Mango Glazed Chicken as an appetizer 
Braised Boneless Beef Short Ribs with potatoes and
roasted Brussels sprouts!
It is a very big meal and we have lots of left overs to have
a second Christmas dinner tonight!
(Kind of Hobbit like, with second breakfasts!)

Our Christmas Time table cloth, from a dear 
friend for our wedding...

A salad and clementines added to the meal,
also with goat cheese and cranraisins for the salad,
and a cranberry whole cranberry sauce that
I kept on hand in the pantry.

Of course we used our silver that we had gotten
at the big rummage sale in our first year of marriage...

A bit of gravy and a dinner role...
Mr. Husband, when he saw the restaurant included a dinner role,
was quick to say,
get out the butter!
As our waiter in Quebec City said on our honeymoon:
"everything is better with butter!"

It was a lovely meal!

I had a beautiful Nativity Christmas card on display on our 
Christmas table as well...

After our Christmas dinner we 
had our Christmas treats and chocolaty Chai tea! 

Did I mention that I just love our Christmas dishes? :)

My Grandma Ruth's gift to us and to all the Grandkids
was a lovely tin of baked bars!
Date bars, brownie bars, lemon bars, chocolate chip bars, and more!

We also have some lovely Christmas candies that
we were given this Christmas!


We opened presents from our friends that night
and I got one present from my beloved husband...

A beautiful book on Greek Myths!

It's a treasure!
We are going to enjoy the 12 days of Christmas and open
our presents a little at a time!
Blessed and Happy Christmas to all who are now celebrating!


Emily H. said...

Very nice! My husband and I got as a Christmas gift a pair of cocoa mugs that match your dishes! We love the pattern too!

Sara Lorayne said...

I can feel your joy! Christ is born! Glorify Him!

elizabeth said...

Emily ~ oh, what a nice gift! I've seen the mugs, they are darling!

Sara, we are so blessed to have Christmas and the 12 days! :) thanks for your comment!!!

Matushka Anna said...

What a lovely day and evening! We have almost that same pattern of Christmas china. :)

Nancy said...

I had to laugh at your Hobbit comment, very timely as I'm watching the LoTR right now. Your blog is "precious"....

elizabeth said...

Mat. Anna ~ thanks! would love to know what Christmas dishes you have! they must be so nice!

Nancy, thanks!! :)))) Second breakfasts, dinners... being a 'Hobbit' is where it's at :)

Lisa said...

Lovely candlelight photos, Elizabeth. said...

Everything looks so festive and delish. I love your Christmas tree dishes! Just this year I bought myself some nice cork placemats featuring the Spode Christmas tree design.
I wish you the merriest, most joyous 12 Days possible. Christ is born!

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Oh, how stupendous! May each and every day of Christmas be truly blessed for you!

Apseed I said...

I'm speechless! What a beautiful day! I will repeat this again and again - I love how you set the table!!! So elegant.
I wish you a very joyous 12 days of Christmas!!!!

elizabeth said...

Thank you so much everyone!

Thanks Ira for loving my table!! :)))