Monday, January 12, 2015

{Our time in Michigan} ~ A Lovely Family Christmas

My family gathered round in my parent's living room.
We talked and just were together before 
getting to the presents we had for each other.

My parents gave me the most loveliest
Christmas gift this year:

The Sister of Angels by Elizabeth Goudge.
It's a Christmas book and just perfect.
I am so grateful to have it to read now!

My Mother found this Dutch tile for my husband as part of 
his Christmas gift.
I just love it and am so looking forward to it gracing our home.

My husband was given this game also.

Handmade pistachio cookies (ingredients almond meal, pistachios, butter and sugar)...

A very little bit of Christmas Scotch.
(We are quite careful to drink only small amounts;
I would not want anyone reading my blog to be tempted to 
misuse alcohol!).

A cake from a local bakery.

My parent's Christmas Tree...
It was a lovely family Christmas time!


Lisa said...

Your book is a sequel to A City of Bells - I've read it!

elizabeth said...

Lisa, yes, wonderful isn't it! I read it as well over the holidays!! a very Christmas-y book!