Saturday, January 24, 2015

Reflections ~ marriage and living like you are on borrowed time

This week has been the first time I stayed home when my husband
had to be away for work for a few days.
My husband is older than me and teases me often 
about 'when he was __ age, I was __ age' and the like.
Now my husband is quite healthy, eats really well
and is more fit than I am!
(I need to work on that, baby steps!)
Anyway, so it is not that I expect to lose him soon,
though I think about it a lot sometimes;
it actually helps me love him more fiercely; more 
consistently, daily, hourly....
I think because I have had various people die very suddenly in my life; 
it never really leaves someone,
the awareness of the suddenness of things,
of how we are all in some ways on a thin blade of grass,
not knowing what comes next.
And I hear about something sad with someone I know
almost daily it seems.
Yet at the same time we are not to worry about tomorrow
and so I always have work to do in this....
CS Lewis, in his letters to an American Lady,
writes that it is much better to welcome death as St. Paul than
to ignore or avoid it....
Anyway, my husband's absence this past week not only makes
my heart fonder but quite reflective.
I think a lot about how my Grandma lives now
without my Grandpa, who died some years ago. 
She keeps busy,
sees friends for Monday dinner weekly,
leads Bible study, bakes for others weekly, visits others,
reads, prays, talks to her sister nightly on the phone, etc.
So I see how to cope or what one can do,
if one is left in the situation of being a widow.
But she will also say that she never stops missing 
my Grandpa...they were married for over 50 years 
from what I remember...

We had very little time between being at liturgy
for Theophany, driving back home, eating a great lunch
at our local diner and him packing the last things for this
trip for work.
But we managed a cup of tea, good earth sweet and spicy,
my husband's favourite....

And we had chocolates on the glass heart 
plate that my Mom found for us,
she had it at our MI family after our wedding
(a few months after) reception, with some mints on it.
My husband, the ever disciplined, only had 1 but I,
mmmm more like 3 chocolates I think :)
And we did the travel prayers we always do 
and we talk/email/chat daily while he is gone.
And I am doing well about it all,
as in arranging my schedule to see at least one person a day,
and I am baking, crafting, writing, taking pictures,
using all my pretty dishes, keeping the house tidy.
But at times I sure miss my beloved.
And I know how very very blessed I am to have
him to miss...

{PS: writing this on Wednesday night but not posting until he
is back home, as I know this is what he would wish for me to do}


ann lynagh said...

This is incredibly sweet.I have this concern at times,but God gives us each breath,so live each moment,

God bless,

Ann Marie

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

We do not know what life has in store for us and it is best to live and love as whole-heartedly and fully as we can, all the while trusting in God's Will for us.

I am glad Mr Husband is safely home and you are rejoicing at being reunited :-)

October Rose said...

I am smiling because my husband and I are the same way ... last night he ate two chocolates and I ate four. We were supposed to each have three but I am the faster eater and it was just too much for me so he let me have his! :) (And his favorite tea is good earth, too!)

Glad that your husband is home safely!

Cleo said...

My husband is older than me, too. I find your Grandma's words a great comfort. Thank you for sharing. I had, just before reading your blog entry, been praying about my fear of losing him. Your blog is, I think, God's gracious answer to my concern and anxiety.

elizabeth said...

Cleo ~ I am so honoured that God blessed you through this post!

I know I will be looking back to my Grandma's words for years to come, God willing...

Anna said...

Dear Elizabeth, it is a rare and sensitive insight to know you are blessed to have someone to miss! It always makes me happy to read about your and Mr Husband's appreciation of each other :) You are courteous together - not in the modern sense of 'well-mannered' (well that too!) but in the older sense of 'gentle, kind, graciously polite and respectful of the position and feelings of others'.

T.J. said...

Good Earth tea is my favorite too! I just found it in decaf through my co-op club, so now I can drink it all day and night ;)