Tuesday, January 13, 2015

On the 4th, 5th & 6th days of Christmas...

Sunday afternoon our church had their
annual Christmas party.
Lots of good food and fellowship!

And an amazing chocolate covered cheese cake!

We ate our fill there so we had a simpler meal of salad for dinner! :)

We were given some incredibly good mini cheese cakes
(12 small ones per egg crate/box!)
and have been having tea and cheesecake
nightly in our living room,
opening usually one present each.

I love using our Christmas dishes!

We've been having fun having different teas!
This one was apple caramel, a new tea,
given to us by a dear friend! 

So fun! :))) 

Yesterday we had another simple dinner,
open faced chicken burger and salad....

Two cheesecakes each! 

That black framed picture is a treasure we were given on Sunday!

It's Mr. Husband, me and Cleo! and our Christmas tree!
By our munchkin who we cared for this summer! 
I just LOVE it!!! 

I surprised Mr. Husband with this first American Edition of Belloc's book...

Mr. Husband gave me a book (not shown)
that has certain nerd cred I think...
as it is signed by the author for me earlier this year.
Mr. Husband was so excited to give me my first
book signed by an author... 
of course neither of us knew who she was like many people do,
since film and TV are 
both media outlets we use quite sparingly! 
I have a very sweet and thoughtful husband!
And so, while I am resting, it's still a beautiful 12 days of Christmas... 


Nancy said...

The picture from your munchkin is precious! I'm sure you'll treasure it.

Paula said...

Sounds like you are having a lovely Christmas holiday. I have a knitting book signed by Elizabeth Zimmerman. It's so cool to have a signed book.

Love the picture!

Rosemary said...

I love your Christmas dishes! There is so much warmth in these pictures, it makes me feel like I'm there celebrating Christmas with you. :) (And if I were there with you, I would sample that delicious-looking cheesecake ... ;) )

The picture is precious!!

Martha said...

Your Christmas china is beautiful...I love seeing all your books and stockings and the tea...so homey. Happy old calendar NEW Year's Eve! ♥ Tomorrow I plan to make a St. Basil's day bread.

elizabeth said...

Thanks everyone! I am just loving the Christmas China and the homemade munchkin drawing!

Martha ~ I wish I was making St. Basil's bread tomorrow! Hopefully next year... I am DV having our friend and her daughter our goddaughter over for a kind of farewell meal for them before they leave on the weekend... I have the special meal all planned out but will not have time to make the bread also... but one thing at a time! :)

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

The Munchkin drawing is a delight indeed, and I thoroughly approve of having signed books as gifts :-)

Anonymous said...

I am loving being able to share in all your Christmas days!