Thursday, January 22, 2015

{Hospitality @ Home} ~ Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch

For my birthday I got 4 gold rimmed plates, 
three gold leaf rimmed bowls and 
6 gold rimmed saucers 
(for 6 teacups that had none).
I think I will always think of these 4 plates and 3 bowls
first as Theophany dishes,
as I used the first time this week, 
the week of Theophany.
They were actually gotten so that 
I could have an 8 person Christmas dinner
this will have to wait DV till next year.

So my friend and I had dinner at my place last night.
I used my new beautiful dishes 
(gotten secondhand, vintage made in England, via Etsy)
during this week of Theophany.

I got the same meal that Mr. Husband and I 
Above is the orange mango glazed chicken.

The other bowls have the beef, garlic potatoes and Brussels spouts...

I must say I would love to learn how to make potatoes like this!

We had a bit of white Zinfandel wine, 
my friend's request when I told her of the few we had 
to choose from.

It was lovely.

Just the right amount of scrumptious food for a
festive meal during this beautiful week!

I also set a pretty table for breakfast, using 
many of my Grandma's dishes.

It is such a joy to take care when setting a table to share
with a friend.

The place mats I had from years ago when I was in
Halifax for a wedding.

All of my China dishes were gotten either from family,
antique stores (some of my nice tea cups, my Grandma and I used to 
go shopping for them over Christmas years ago), garage sales,
rummage sales or used via Etsy.
So all more from people (rather than big stores) and for good prices.

The pretty bowls my husband had from years ago.

We have two of them, different styles.
I love the shape of them!

We also had a simple lunch, 
salad, potatoes and some really good fair-trade vegan chocolate! 

Chocolate, after all, as I say, is 
Vitimin Ch (for CHocolate) for woman ;)

I also made my second ever smoothie. 
I made enough to have left overs that I keep in a mason jar in the fridge.
Ingredients were:
red kale, 1 carrot, 1 banana, kefir, blue berries, cinnamon,
shredded coconut, Dutch cocoa powder and a bit of honey and milled flax seed.
Next time I want to add more fruit as well as vanilla, a bit more honey, cinnamon and cocoa. :)

The chocolate, very good.  Best eaten a little at a time :)

It was a fun meal! 

And I do love my Grandma's dishes...
These were her everyday ones! 

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