Thursday, January 22, 2015

Christmas Ginger & Lemon Chicken

A special extra virgin olive oil from France,
a Christmas gift to Mr. Husband and I.

The chicken...will repeat what I wrote here:
"Did a roast chicken this way:
butter under skin with garlic cloves,
one small onion in quarters, fresh organic sage and half a zested lemon in the cavity,
French Lemon & Ginger infused extra virgin olive oil over the skin,
with salt, pepper, dried ginger and lemon on top...
450F for about 2 hours... I think next time I will take the chicken out a bit 
before 2 hours.... it was great though and I trussed the chicken 
for the first time (did not want the cavity onion and lemon falling out!)"

The skin was very crispy and the chicken very flavourful!


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

I feel the need to make this chicken soon :-D

Lisa said...

Oh, crispy skin - a necessity! :)