Monday, December 03, 2012

Continued Progress, Cleo, death and a beloved Feast

Mr. Husband and I
had a busy weekend.
A combined wedding gift
provided us with a
prayer stand.
It's lovely
and we look forward to getting a
corner shelf to put above it
for our wedding icons.
It's a pretty tall
prayer stand
and has a real
presence in our home.
It is indeed one of the most beautiful
of things that Mr. Husband and I own.
I feel like it is something
I will
I pray
grow into,
as if given a beautiful robe
that is currently to large
but something,
as if I was a small child,
that one day I will grow
tall enough to wear
and fit into.

We also got two small new rugs
which Cleo is quite

She is as cute as ever!

Mr. Husband and I have been
working on recovering from colds.
They sure can slow one down
at times.
Cleo has been getting lots of attention...
I am looking for a
fast-friendly sugar cookie recipe.
I found this one but
would love to know if any of you
have a tried-and-true cookie recipe...
I am hoping to get back to normal
and full non-cold strength soon
and get back to baking...
I did get the photo book done!
and we ordered our Christmas and Thank you cards!
The house needs some serious work/cleaning.
Tomorrow is one-year anniversary of my Oma's
falling asleep in the Lord and
the feast of the Theotokos' entrance into the temple.
Mr. Husband and I would
love to go to liturgy for this Feast
but will have to see what our strength levels are.
Maureen's father
is being buried on this Feast.
This is a beautiful feast
and I pray that both my Oma and Maureen's father
will be remembered always in
God's Kingdom
and take joy in the entrance into the Kingdom of God.
Please continue to remember Maureen, her father
and her mother and siblings
in prayer.
May the Lord comfort us all
in our times of trouble.


Martha said...

What a beautiful icon stand! ♥ The detail on the cross is really nice. I am looking forward to Vigil tonight and a Litia and the Liturgy for the feast of the Entrance of the Theotokos tomorrow...may you two have a wonderful feast!!!

Mimi said...

You kind of freaked me out, I didn't realize there was a comma between death and Cleo.

Memory Eternal to your Oma, and to Maureen's dad indeed. Sigh.

Cute Cleo photos.


Anna said...

Happy Feast of the Entrance into the Temple of the Mother of God!

Cleo does look as though she's enjoying those new rugs ;) Tango has been enjoying trying out the dogs' rugs near the range in the house where we've been staying. When the dogs are out, that is!

Matushka Anna said...

My heart stopped because I didn't immediately see that comma between "death" and "Cleo" either! Whew!

Memory eternal.

Joyous feast! I hope you both feel better soon.

(The icon stand is just beautiful!)