Thursday, December 20, 2012

St. Nicholas Eve Meal for Mr. Husband

I made Mr. Husband and I salmon
the way I did first
years before
when my parents came to BC
for my undergraduate graduation.
Salt, Pepper, bit of garlic
onion and lemon slices on top of

We used our nicest China and silverware.
When I made this dish the first time
it was in about year 2002
so ten years ago!
I know a bit more about cooking now
then I did then
and the public librarian of our little
cute town's library
helped me out and wrote me the above recipe!
I, of course, did not use butter
as per the recipe since it is a fast time.
I fried up potatoes in oil
and we had a nice salad with the meal
and a small bit of good sprouted bread 
on the side.
For dessert we had a treat of a 
Lenten coconut sorbet with a triple berry sauce.
I love Mr. Husband very much
and am so glad that we had these days together
and that I am his one and only 
Mrs. Wife.

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E Helena E said...

That sounds like a delicious cosy supper!