Wednesday, December 19, 2012

St. Nicholas Day 2012

This is the icon I used to see
every St. Nicholas Day
at my church in Ottawa.
This is my first St. Nicholas day in 7
years that I am not there.
I am glad to have Mr. Husband
but I miss my Ottawa too.
I had really hoped to do some baking
for St. Nicholas Day
for my new church,
actually I had dreamed of doing this
as a way to transition and
continue the traditions I had in Ottawa
but I just did not have the energy
But I did manage some things.
I made Mr. Husband and I a good meal.
A festive one.
These are the St. Nicholas Cakes
I made in 2010.
I really hope to get back to baking.
The hurricane we lived through
is not in the news anymore
but the results are still with us.
Mr. Husband and I walked by the
local community centre
the other day
and it is totally gutted and empty
because of the flood damage.
Including a preschool.
Mr. Husband and I talked to someone in the NYC
area who had tons of damage
and the person has not heard
from the government agency at all yet
though they applied
for the huge losses on their home.
We are thankful that we did not have much damage;
for those who did, wow, this is difficult.
Mr. Husband and I are still seeing the
impact in our own lives
in little ways;
we still feel that we are still trying to rebuild
routines and other things that
were jarred out of place
and this is difficult at times.
We really need St. Nicholas.
We need his prayers
his comfort
his saving help.
 I know I will be looking to St. Nicholas
today for help;
Mr. Husband's office party is tonight.
I don't know what I will be
feeling like but hope it is better than
wishing to leave!
I am really grateful for the prayers
and support I am given here.
As a mainly introvert and HSP
I get really tired by crowds and noise.
I am better with less people...
I know what to do though:
Remember that God has me
where He wants me for a reason.
Try to focus on others
and pray and love them.
Love Mr. Husband.
If I can get past myself
and do this
than it will go well.
Thank you all for your prayers!
May St. Nicholas bless us all this year
and bring comfort!


Maria said...

Many blessed years for St. Nicholas, and good strength to you for the party.

E Helena E said...

"Get past myself". Oh, I know how this feels and how challenging that can be. I hope it's a surprising enjoyment tonight.

Martha said...

Happy St. Nicholas day to you!!! ♥