Saturday, December 22, 2012

Day 22 - gifts given, received and what is sought for

What was the greatest gift you received in 2012?
Marrying Mr. Husband; our wedding day.
 What was the greatest gift you gave?
I can't judge this fully
but being able to invite many to our wedding
was something that brought me great joy.
What do you intend to give yourself in 2013?
I find this to be a dangerous question
for as a Christian we know
that it is better to give than receive
and that focusing one's self is a hazardous to one's
spiritual life.
It is something I still have a lot to learn
and if anything the greatest gift
I could give would be to
learn to not do this!
This said,
I think one of the best things one can do
'for one self' is to go to a
good monastery to continue
seeking to begin on the endeavour to have
a spiritual life.
To seek growth in Christ and 
to seek out one's salvation is the most 
to seek the one thing needful. 


Victoria said...

that is a beautiful photo. is that your wedding veil?

elizabeth said...

yes! I forgot to give credit this time... opps... not one of mine but my wedding photographers! :)