Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Getting there

Our tulips perked up!

Today I cleaned and cleaned...
and made a nice meal
with candles lit!

We're getting better
day by day.
Mr. Husband is still coughing too much...
I talked to a good friend on the phone
today and wished she could of come over for tea!
She told me of a cookbook author
I had not heard of yet...
Have any of you heard of her?
Now that the house is in better order
I hope to get back to reading, baking and
building my life here.
But first, I hope tomorrow to go into NYC
to go shopping.
Husband's Christmas office party is
in 14 days...
and later this year we have a wedding to attend
so I am hoping to find something nice
to wear...
To all those on the new calendar,
happy St. Nicholas Day
I read a longer story of St. Ioannicius today
and learned that he was the first to pray
My hope is the Father,
my refuge is the Son,
my protection is the Holy Spirit,
O Holy Trinity, Glory to You.
I read this post on St. Barbara and Elder Paisios
the other day and
highly recommend it!
I am hoping to make cookies for St. Nicholas Day
and need to get going on that...
it is in 14 days for me!
Any and all baking suggestions,
do send my way! :)
Thanks for all the prayers for Mr. Husband and I's
recovery; we are making ground and
I pray that this continues.


Anna said...

So glad you are both feeling better - recovery takes a long time in winter weather.

Nigella Lawson - known here as just Nigella! - is a VERY famous cookery writer and TV presenter in the UK. There are some clips on Youtube that will give an idea of her style - technically pretty simple, but luxurious ingredients and luscious presentation. She is quite the sex symbol in a pinny (apron)! I'm not that keen on her cookbooks except the one about cakes, How To Be A Domestic Goddess. The cakes are very VERY good - but definitely not fasting! not any of them, not by a long chalk! I particularly like to make the marzipan cake for birthdays:

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

Get well soon, both of you!

We also are Nigella fans and have several of her cookbooks. I can strongly recommend her Coca Cola cake :-)