Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cleo, her rug, a wonderful Saint and prayer requests

Cleo sitting in my morning breakfast seat
hoping for my food!

We got another rug
for our prayer area.
Cleo loves rugs.

That's my beautiful Cleo!

St. Spyridon.
A wonderful story of his help
to a small child here.
Do read it,
as it is such a beautiful story!

I am praying especially to him
for my friend Mara.
Sometimes another person's struggle
makes one's heart break.

This Akathist is not online
but the picture above shows you
where it was published, etc.
I am a bit behind on housework,
not to mention emails
as I am trying to get Christmas cards and such
out and you would not believe the huge stack
of them I have yet to start.
Mr. Husband and I are so excited to send out
our first Christmas card together!
Please pray for Noah as he is struggling again...
Lord have mercy,
the Christmas holidays can be hard for so many!

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