Friday, December 07, 2012

Thank you, St. Katherine's Day, New Dish cooked and recipes found

 Thank you everyone for
your prayers for Mr. Husband.
We are hoping and praying
that the medicine
from the doctor will do the trick...
So today I made
a stir fry:
green pepper
small tomatoes
fried with coconut oil
Basmati Rice.
Mr. Husband liked it!
Found this recipe for a possible
after the fast cake
white pepper ginger lemon cake!
A good blog friend wrote me a recipe
for a walnut cookie ...(thank you!!)
I am thinking also of a chocolate cherry one
that another friend had sent me...
I must get baking soon...
Maybe tomorrow - we shall see - I had promised
some sugar cookies to a parishioner who
cannot get out much...
All cookie recipes for fasting days still invited!
Come one, come all... :)
I can't tell you how much
your comments encourage and uplift me.
 Thank you so very much.
my email is
in the blog world
roosjeblog @ yahoo . ca
 in case it is needed.
May God bless all those named after St. Katherine!
I light candles especially by her icon today! :)
Last night Mr. Husband and I booked a plane ticket
for me to visit my Ottawa church family and friends
for Theophany!
I am looking forward to St. Nicholas Day...
I still have to wrap
Mr. Husband's present :)
May God bless and keep us all.
Thank you again for prayers;
Mr. Husband and I are both
quite ready to be well again...


Sarah in Indiana said...

Here are a couple of links to cookie recipes, I've pinned but not tried.

Shortbread and no bakes work well, since they have no eggs. There are millions of shortbread recipes out there. Here's the classic no bake recipe, just sub whatever non dairy milk you prefer.

And ignore the bit about the Butterscotch Fudge cut outs. No need to gild the lily.

Sarah in Indiana said...

Here's the other recipe I pinned but haven't tried:

No bakes I've made often, and James loves to make shortbread.

I hope you and Mr. Husband are feeling better soon, and yay to tickets to Ottawa for Theophany!

Michelle M. said...

I'm so glad that Mr Husband is feeling better. I'm on my fourth cold of the season right now. I am beginning to think that I need to put a humidifier next to my bed; maybe that will help me!

Thank you so much for your prayers for us as well!

Victoria said...

that photo is SO BEAUtiful!!