Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sunny but cold - what are we seeking?

So I went out.
Took light rail this time.
I find it is always so much
to take in
going to a new place...
It is going to take me a while
to understand what things are and
what the places mean.
I encountered a huge mall.
Familiar US stores
big - not much more to say about that.
On the way back I got a bit confused
as I did not realize that the train I took
would mean I would have to transfer
and I am going to have to
map out going and coming back
as it seems that when I don't do the way back
it is never as simple as I would of thought.

But meanwhile,
there's NYC on the other side of the water.
Crazy hey?
I stayed NJ side this trip.

One of the bigger grocery stores
in my little town
is still out of commission.
That hurricane and the flooding;
it is going to take time to get everything back.
The library is back and
I must visit it soon...
Thinking about possessions and that
we can take nothing with us
and if I could only live with very little of what
I now have
what would I keep?
And do I have inside of me
the prayer and anticipation for Christ's coming?
First and second coming?
Lord have mercy on us and help us seek
your Son this Christmas.

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