Thursday, December 06, 2012

New Calendar St. Nicholas Day - with a kind window's tale

I went to New York City
again today.
it was a really good day.
Thankfully I did not have to go
 walking about the city much.
That did help.
The goal
other than to have a quick lunch with
the gallant Mr. Husband,
was to find something nice
pretty and modest
for my first Christmas party
with Mr. Husband for his work.
So I went into a store that was recommend to me
and found the 4th floor dresses.
The first and second floor I was greeted by sales staff
but by the 4th it seemed no one was there.
It took a bit of time
but I finally found what I deemed some good options.
But not before I felt a bit utterly forlorn,
tired, hot and a bit frustrated.
But then I remembered that it was
new calendar
St. Nicholas Day
so I asked for help.
Admitted that I needed a nice outfit for
Mr. Husband's Christmas party
and that though it was not a
dire request at any rate
I could really use the help.
I was missing friends and family who often
would help me look
or even a sales clerk!
But after I prayed I felt encouraged
and then found the better options
and tried the first one on.
I really liked it.
And then the story got sweeter.
I was trying to get to a proper mirror to see
if the clothes fit properly on me.
When an older women
with a kind face and a proper nice NYC
type haircut and makeup
came up to me and said
she never usually talks to others
but really liked the outfit I was trying on.
Said it fit me well and
that I would get lots of compliments.
She asked what it was for
and so I said it was for my
husband's Christmas party
and she said,
oh, I used to go to these when my husband was alive
and wear outfits like this,
those were such nice times.
And then she advised me on jewelry and
it was so nice and kind
and reminded me of what a blessing I have
in Mr. Husband.
So I felt like St. Nicholas not only helped me
find an outfit
a very small thing
but even more brought someone kind to help me
and reassure me without me even asking
that what I had found was good.
So in the middle of NYC
I was blessed with the kindness of a stranger!
Here's pictures of what I found,
for those who are interested in these sorts of things...

The black skirt is ankle length
and fits me wonderfully.
The red shirt is really nice and modest
and still pretty.

With shiny flower buttons :)

That match my necklace

and earrings
that I bought years ago in Ottawa
for special events...

So that was great.
I felt relieved, happy and blessed!
Then I had time to browse in stores.

Here's the 12 Days of Christmas
China dish set
in one of the stores.
Lovely hey?!

I love seeing pretty dishes!

And little English Christmas party treats...

Also found some of my favourite drink
in NYC... it's made in Taiwan and
has Aloe in it...
Mr. Husband and I took the bus home
and I am thankful for this day.
I am also thankful for the friends
that I texted while going to and in NYC.
Blessed St. Nicholas day to everyone
celebrating this wonderful day today!


E Helena E said...

That's a lovely outfit and an encounter of blessing!

Sarah in Indiana said...

That looks like a very pretty outfit for a Christmas party, such a neat detail on the buttons, and what a lovely story about your prayer for help.

Matushka Anna said...

That's a beautiful outfit! You'll look just lovely in it. And very tasteful jewelry. (:

I'm so glad you got such a nice answer to prayer. And you probably brightened her day too.

GretchenJoanna said...

That is such a Christmasy outfit! and you are lucky to have an event for which it is needed. That woman sounds like an angel sent by St. Nicholas.

elizabeth said...

Thanks everyone!! It was so incredibly encouraging, I was happy the rest of the day; GJ - I do feel like she was an Angel from St. Nicholas! I felt so loved by her care and kindness!

Michelle M. said...

I'd be intimidated to shop for clothing in NYC if I were new to the area (and I'm from that area!). I'm very impressed! I am sure you will look beautiful. Enjoy yourselves!

Isn't it amazing how our prayers are answered?! Glory to God.