Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Festive - Icon Corner, Prayer Stand and the Feast

Mr. Husband and I got our
wedding icons
up behind our new
prayer stand!

They are so beautiful...
Truly with such a beautiful start to our
icon corner/prayer stand area
I am like a small child
excited to pray with
such 'grown up' beautiful things.
Such gifts, wow.
Mr. Husband bought these tulips tonight
after our meal...
to brighten the house up
since we've both been ill and
we are both Dutch so
tulips are especially dear to us...

Mr. Husband and I went out for
fish tonight as
it is the
Feast of the Entrance of the Mother of God into the temple.
Mr. Husband and I are both hoping that
we are on the mend...
I want to get back to baking and keeping my house
well, clean and beautiful.
Even though we were not able to get to church
I cleaned house and it felt like a really
festive day.
I wore a nice outfit to go out to dinner
for the feast with Mr. Husband
and afterwards
we walked by houses and shops
decked out for Christmas.
Now that the Feast is here and there were
Christmas verses already being included,
it feels like we are really in the glow of the
Nativity Fast.
The pictures below are my favourite from
our walk tonight.

What a beautiful window!
I am hoping to get back to a clean house
so that I can finish the Christmas decorating
in our place,
for our first Christmas...
Here's to hoping that
both Mr. Husband and I will feel
better DV when we awake
tomorrow morning...

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