Friday, December 07, 2012

Prayer Request for Mr Husband

Mr. Husband is still feeling poorly.
And his cough was worrying him
amongst other things
so he went to the doctor this morning.
The doctor does not believe
he has pneumonia
but is treating him like he does.
He is to return to the doctor on Monday.
He is coughing a lot
throughout the night and
is really worn down.
We ask your prayers.


E Helena E said...

I will continue to pray! Take good care of yourselves.

Roxana Nicoleta Petre said...

May Saint Nicholas protect you and keep you both safe. I'll ask also my husband to pray for you tomorrow evening during Vespers and Sunday during Holy Liturgy. It will helpful if we would know your baptism names so when he does the Holy Anaphora to pray for you. You can send them to me by e-mail if you want. All my best wishes for both of you.

M. Emily said...

Tell Mr. Husband that we're praying. Also try rubbing Vicky's vapor rub on the soles of his feet and putting socks on. That has never failed me to help prevent nighttime coughing.

elizabeth said...

Pres. Roxana - I don't see your email address - can you send it to me? roosjeblog @ yahoo . ca


Mat. Emily - thanks for prayers and tip. I have told Mr. Husband.

E-H: Thank you. Will do!

DebD said...

hopefully the doctor gave him some cough syrup with codeine. That stuff is like gold for those awful sleepless coughing nights. I hope he feels better soon.

elizabeth said...

Deb - thank you so much! Yes, he has that cough syrup now...

Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

My own Mr Husband has only just recovered from a dreadful viral chest infection. His coughing caused us both to suffer several almost sleepless nights. I'm glad your Mr Husband has been seen by the doctor, and I will be keeping you in my prayers.

Mimi said...

Prayers indeed, I have had the flu this week and it is not fun at all.

Maria said...

Humidify, humidify, humidify.