Monday, July 02, 2012

So many things all in one day

As many in the Orthodox community know,
Fr. Peter Gillquist departed this life
yesterday evening.
I especially appreciated this blog post
and listened to this podcast
on Ancient Faith Radio
last night
as I knew that Fr. Peter
was quickly declining...
Already there is a podcast about
Fr. Peter's departure.
I heard Fr. Peter speak in Southwest Ontario
some years back;
I remember being struck by how gracious he was
to all the questions asked afterwards.
He is going to be greatly missed.
May God remember him in His Kingdom!
I spent time with my dear sister-friend
and my godson and his two older brothers today.
Wave pool, potato chips, sandwhiches and
It was really nice.
Today is also St. John's Day.
This post by Mat. Anna
really blessed me today.
I have been thinking of Fr. Peter's passing
often today.
So much going on.
lighting candles.
The wedding invites are
 printed and arrived.
My Grandma is slowly gaining strength
and just today told me she hopes
to make the trip with my Aunt and Uncle to
my and Orthoman's wedding.
I really hope this can happen.
A lot of my good friends
are in a lot of transition and some
of them are in great grief.
I know that I already had one of my final confessions
with my own spiritual father.
My last month's rent is paid and notice has been given.
I have booked movers.
I found my clip board and am preparing to move.
I changed my phone plan so that I can
use voice over IP and keep an Ottawa phone number.
Orthoman has booked his ticket for when he will come
before the wedding.
Tomorrow I go back to work.
I have Friday off.
Cleo is to going to the vet
tomorrow night
with me.
I am very tired.
But God is merciful and good.
May He help us all in our times of need.


Matushka Anna said...

Grief and joy come together so many times. I think each one enriches the other. (((hugs)))

margaret said...

I so hope your grandma can be at your wedding! Many prayers for that.

elizabeth said...

thank you Mat. Anna - and thanks so much Margaret for prayers for my Grandma to be at my wedding! I would love this!