Sunday, July 08, 2012

More blessings

My church did a lovely
potluck meal for me
to say goodbye and celebrate my
upcoming marriage to my Orthoman.

These strawberries were so good;
had them with a vegan brownie;

I was so touched by the gifts that
I nearly cried.
And that vegan cake was so good.
The goodbyes are already starting.
This is the hard part;
but they were so kind
and I felt so loved.
I can't tell you how blessed I feel.
I got this book (in the first edition) that I have been wanting for
quite some time
from my spiritual father;
that I will have a new spiritual father
 is hard to imagine
but I know God is in all of this too
and that it is for my salvation.
I was given a beautiful table cloth and cut glass
candle holders to remember them by
as they know how I love to give
dinner parties.
I surely will have some beautiful new place
settings for my new home
with my Orthoman
and those I look forward to photographing!

1 comment:

GretchenJoanna said...

God bless you in this transition time! I suppose every day of our life is a transition to some degree, but this type of major shift of physical place and community creates a lot of soul-work. God must know that with His grace you are up to it. Enjoy the sweet sorrow.