Friday, July 13, 2012

Home in Michigan

I made it home.
As many know, I missed my first
flight into Detroit
and the travel ended up being instead a
4 to 5 hour trip
more like 10 to 11 hours.
I simply miscalculated the time I needed to leave
- I was not even running late
according to when I thought I had to leave...
I merely got confused as to when I needed to leave.
I am not surprised I made
a mistake like this as
I am really exhausted and just the day before had
my last day of work at a wonderful
and then had my final shopping trip to IKEA
with a very dear friend in Ottawa.
So many goodbyes.
It is a huge life change to marry the one
you love - and doing it when one is a bit older
I think adds to this.
But I am carried by the prayers of others
and the conviction of God
bringing my beloved Orthoman and I together.
I really love the man I am marrying
and am so excited to build a life
with and in Christ together.
I had a nice evening
with my parents last night.
I showed my Mom lots of pictures
and showed her many of the special IKEA things
I got via their website.
Today I am resting at home
and prayerfully remembering many who I love.
My now former boss when she
so kindly wished me well
told me to get some rest.
Everyone at my work could see how
tired I was.
I told them very clearly how thankful
I have been to work with them.
Tomorrow I have my last bridal shower.
This one is done by my family
here in Michigan.
I am really excited to see everyone.
My Grandma often talked about
her gratefulness in growing up in a Christian
family and always being loved.
Now that I am grown
I can see this more and more
as the years go by.
I may be tired but
this does not mean I am not grateful.


Victoria said...

whew! how exhausting all this must have been. so glad you are arrived safely. wishing you a wonderful wedding and marriage Elizabeth!! God bless your union.

Emily H. said...

Welcome back to Michigan! :D