Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Packing Day 1 - productive, sunny, cool breezed

One of my closest friends here in Ottawa
came and spent the day with me.
It was so nice.
The professional packer came at 9
and worked till about 12.
He got a lot done and did
most of my special books and all
but one baking dish that was not found till later...
he did most of my my breakables...
 my blue dishes, my Grandma's dishes,
my many tea cups and tea pots.
My friend and I packed many more books and some
of the left over breakables.
Cleo is currently running around, playing
with some of the bags and a stray Styrofoam 'peanut'
and having lots of fun.
She's stressed though and my friend even asked if
she had lost weight :(
My friend, her husband and I went to a local
Greek restaurant for dinner.
It was really good.
I have some friends coming tomorrow to help again
and I am so glad for this.
My apartment is full of boxes
and half packed things.
I am really thankful and hope to sleep well tonight...
This is a huge change and it
is a lot of work to pack
but with my friend
and going out to eat,
it is a lot lighter and lot more fun than
it would be otherwise...

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E Helena E said...

Glad to hear you had company and lightness! Prayers also for Cleo.