Monday, July 09, 2012

Changes and reflection on the blessings I have been given

So, my wonderful job
that I got a contract
for in early Lent of this year
is coming to an end this Wednesday.
They are doing a little 'goodbye' for me
and everything.
Their kindness is deeply felt.
I find it hard to be doing all of these
and my insomnia has been creeping back
a little too much lately
but I am trying
day by day.
Tomorrow I am having dinner with
a dear friend and
on Wednesday I am going to IKEA
with one of my 'adopted' Ukrainian family
members... one of the thoughtful gifts
I was given is a gift card to IKEA.
It blows my mind really,
that I get to buy fun stuff at IKEA.
It is meaningful to me to have things from people here
in Ottawa to remember in my new life
with my Orthoman.
I am feeling a bit amazed at getting gifts
even though I know it is culturally normal for
the bride to be given things for her wedding
and new life...
I am grateful
and determined to use the blessings I have been given
to serve others and offer hospitality...
many more dinner party pictures I hope will
be in my future :)
Thank you all for your love through this time.
The comments, FB feedback and emails
really encourage and uplift me.
Love to you all!

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Maria said...

Wishing you a good night's sleep, because even joyful times can take a lot out of you. May God bless your good intentions for using your gifts in your new home!