Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday in late July

So yesterday I ended up not feeling that well...
so I went to my beloved Bridgehead
(which I think I love in part now because
it has been a familar part of my life
for 7 years and I have had many cups of tea
there and lunches)
and got a new bag of mint tea and some tea filters.
I have my kettle still
(am giving it away and already have a lovely
red one as a wedding gift waiting for me
down South)
and I got an insulated water bottles for
myself and Orthoman a while back
which is my tea pot for now.
The mason jar is my mug
since all my belongings are on the truck already...
I've been enjoying the tea
and seem to really want it with honey...

My little icon corner.
My friends months ago teased me about
all the books on marriage I am reading.
(the pile on the right)...
I joke that I am getting a PhD on how
to be married :)
Prayer books and Holy Water on the other side.
Trying to keep a routine of prayer really
helps me cope with
these days of transition...

Cleo seems a bit out of sorts today.
Not overly but she is being a bit more
vocal than she is sometimes...

I've been traveling so much
that we have hired a cat sitter for her
when I am not here.
The cat sitter gave her toys.
So she's doing well overall...
just seems to need a bit more TLC...
I am still not sleeping perfectly.
It had been a struggle
esp. last week in the
to keep a normal routine of prayer
so I am hoping to settle myself
as it were
by being extra intentional in keeping these routines for myself.
They help Cleo too;
she often sits near me when I pray in one of my
icon corners.
Icon corners are such blessings.
As is the church and each of you.
These are blessed and busy days...
just hope my strength
holds out;
I can tell I am fighting something...
God is so good to us.

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Xen Xen said...

God preserve your strength! I wish you well in all your endeavors :)