Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Second to last day of work

I had a nice little
goodbye party with my library team.
I could not of asked for a nicer bunch of
people to work with!
The job was really a gift from God...
Now for the pictures...

Canadian chocolate.

Wonderful fruit tray.
The pineapple was especially good!

Cool vintage tin!


Anna said...

Aw, Laura Secord chocolate, they haven't changed the tin! I had a chocolate box (a cardboard one) exactly like that as my first pencil box for school. I was very excited to come unexpectedly face to face with her statue in Ottawa.

elizabeth said...

Hi Anna! They were selling the tin as a 'vintage tin'... I'd not seen it before... I am so glad I got one! :) thanks for telling me about your pencil box! where is her statue in Ottawa? I should see it before I leave ...