Saturday, July 28, 2012

Made it through today

Cleo and I made it to the vet.
Thankfully the taxi driver was really gentle.
Cleo survived and was spoiled!
I went to the pet store next to the vet
and got traveling supplies for Cleo.
I left her in the vet room to get
these supplies and I came back
and two of the vet technians were with Cleo
talking with her...
I got some special treats that she likes
from the vet.
I must admit that I am aware of
how pets can be treated better than many
humans in the world.
Lord have mercy.

Traveling water for Cleo's trip
(I was instructed to not put much water in when
traveling as it will spill).
I am telling Cleo that she is living at a Hyatt now! :)
I will be giving my white dresser away
but for now I have my little
living room icon corner
via my dresser top.
It felt so good to have a dresser to put
clean laundry away.
I am not sleeping well these days;
so much happening and on my mind...
I really appreciate every one's comments...
I am very glad to be marrying my Orthoman
and in general am up for the adventure of moving
and building a new life together with my
Moving is exhausting and doing it in two
It is no wonder to me that I am struggling
a bit to know how to deal with the change,
the losses and the gains.
I am a weak human being, no more, no less.
Moving is a huge task...
Thanking God for the Church,
that I have a wonderful blog community,
that I was able to go to vespers;
it is hard to grasp that I will have a
 new confessor in two months or so;
I know I have to remember my Oma's words:
take it as it comes.
I am so grateful for the many prayers for me;
they uphold and sustain me.
God be thanked!
God be praised!
God be glorified!

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margaret said...

I am glad Cleo survived the vet well. You are both in my prayers for a safe journey.