Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day Three: packed and moved

Last picture of my three main living room icons.

My cute little smaller buffet icon corner.
My buffet is now packed and in the trailer.

The movers I had were excellent.
I hope all will get there in one piece...

Lots and lots of boxes.

Cleo in the middle of it all
(yesterday when my friend and I were still packing).

I am keeping my St. George icon up and lit
until I move with it in early August.
My new kitchen table...
an old small table that has been on my patio...
with tissue paper for a table cloth :)
Cleo is doing great so far. 
The worst thing about moving day is her needing to
be locked in the bathroom
but with a small apartment and a door that needs to
stay open for movers
it is the only safe place for her.
I think both of us are glad that these days are over now.
 Now just under 2 weeks and I will
go down South with Cleo.
Over 40 days and DV I will be married
to my Orthoman.
It is all happening very quickly...


Matushka Anna said...

Eek! Forty days!!! I'm so excited!

elizabeth said...

Thanks Mat.'s actually just a little over 40 days... :) hard to believe, it is coming so fast!!

Maria said...

Congratulations on getting past this milestone. Hope you are able to rest a bit now.

MamaBirdEmma said...


Peacocks and Sunflowers said...

Dear Elizabeth, thinking of you during this happy, busy, stressful time. Excitement, upheaval, transition, displacement, new horizons - all mixed up together. Tango sends his sympathies to Cleo! he gets to go out tomorrow...

elizabeth said...

Thanks all!

Anna - it is all of those things at once. A real whirlwind of change...